Skin Care

Perfect, silky smooth skin doesn't often come naturally, it takes a bit of effort and a lot of expertise. Let us use our expertise and put our team to work on unlocking your skins potential with a variety of treatments and home skin care routines that will make you shine.



Thailand is famous for its professional massage therapists, and the traditional methods reputation has spread worldwide as one of the leading forms of massage. While there are many practitioners of Thai massage in Phuket, there are not many with the experience of the amazing team of experts at Phuket Beauty Studio.


Hair Salon

Our professional team are absolute experts at taking care of your hair in all areas. Whether you need a cut, a cleanse and detox, or you want the very best hair care products for this humid atmosphere, let us help you.



As with everything we do, we only use premium products on our clients. For waxing we choose the brand Cirépil by Perron Rigot in Paris. The list of reasons we choose this brand is long but most importantly, it applies very evenly, rarely leave stray hairs and comes for different skin types; which means you spend less time in the chair and get flawless results with less discomfort.


Nail Treatments

We have a huge selection of colors and styles for our various nail services, all of which use premium brands such as O.P.I. Our nail team is lead by the amazing Polla who has been giving the Hollywood treatment to peoples fingers for 15 years now, 5 of those with us.